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Granny's Bonnet

In the May Garden

I’m taking the week off. Yes, I know, I’m here now typing away but I just couldn’t resist posting these pictures of the flowers in my garden. I never thought I’d say this, but I love looking at them; in real life and through pictures. Especially the lupin. I could gaze at the lupin for […] Read more…


Spring Flowers

At the beginning of this month I wrote a post about being inspired by Rachael Lucas’s book, Coming Up Roses, and how I was going to record what is happening in my garden. Well, this picture shows what is happening. Gorgeous colours, that’s what. Beautiful spring flowers. After a winter of dirty green and muddy brown, the […] Read more…


Snowdrops in the Green

Waking up in the mornings at the moment the sun is often out but it is too warm for a gleaming frost. Despite the sun the grass is looking tired, faded. It has put up with a lot of weather over the last few months. Then there are patches of mud. Especially in and around […] Read more…