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scones with jam and cream

Feasting on Fiction: The Drowning of Arthur Braxton by Caroline Smailes with Scones

I first wrote about a cake featuring in The Drowning of Arthur Braxton by Caroline Smailes two years ago in my Novelicious column. In this highly anticipated novel, as ever, when reading a Caroline Smailes book, I was astounded by her unique writing and her ability to completely and utterly reel you in, despite the sometimes disturbing nature […] Read more…

Plum Jam & Cream Sponge Cake

Plum Jam & Cream Sponge Cake Recipe

This is actually a fatless sponge, made with just eggs, sugar and flour. Obviously I made up for the lack of butter in the sponge with a huge dollop of whipped cream in the centre along with some delicious homemade plum jam. It is also four tiers, just to make it especially indulgent. Equipment 2 – […] Read more…

Island of Adventure and Gingerbread

Feasting on Enid Blyton: The Island of Adventure with Ginger Cake

There is something terribly Enid Blyton-ish about ginger cake. It’s not the most glamorous cake to look at, it is not terribly exciting but it is perfect for comfort, for filling hungry tummies and, best of all, for picnics. You can wrap one up easily, especially if baked like a loaf, and cut huge chunks […] Read more…

Homemade Oreo Biscuit Recipe

Homemade Oreo Cookies Recipe

We’re coming to the end of the summer holidays and my thoughts are turning to organisation and planning. Not just the new school shoes and making sure trousers and blazers fit, but for myself, what I’d like to achieve in the next few months before the next big school holiday. (I won’t mention it by […] Read more…

Easy Plum Jam

Easy Plum Jam Recipe

I gain a quiet sense of satisfaction from seeing through the seasons and creating something delicious with the harvest. From that first blossom in spring, to the emerging fruit, then observing it soften and become ripe. It is an amazing natural process. But a process that, thanks to supermarkets and modern means of production, we tend to forget […] Read more…

apple and cheese pie

Feasting on Enid Blyton: The Children of Cherry Tree Farm with Apple & Cheese Pie

The new Feasting on Enid Blyton series where I bake and cook myself through some of my favourite Enid Blyton novels. As a child I adored Enid Blyton books. By that I mean I was absolutely infatuated with them. They would captivate me, fire my imagination and would be responsible for much tiredness in the morning as […] Read more…

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