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snow stream

The Seasons Outside My Back Door: Week 2 January 2016

Winter Streams Now the little rivers go Muffled safely under snow, And the winding meadow streams Murmur in their wintry dreams… Bliss Carman, ‘Poems’ This week has been all about the cold finally making an appearance. And I should add, making a welcome appearance. Whilst the ducks have enjoyed the milder, wet weather, it is […] Read more…

instagram photograph display

How to Display Your Instagram Photographs

I adore Instagram. I love creating photographs and thinking how I’m going to frame my subject; be it eggs, lemon curd, cake, chickens or the dog. It’s a pictorial diary of what we get up to with the animals, the trees, our walks and what I make in the kitchen. It seems a shame, therefore, […] Read more…