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snow stream

The Seasons Outside My Back Door: Week 2 January 2016

Winter Streams Now the little rivers go Muffled safely under snow, And the winding meadow streams Murmur in their wintry dreams… Bliss Carman, ‘Poems’ This week has been all about the cold finally making an appearance. And I should add, making a welcome appearance. Whilst the ducks have enjoyed the milder, wet weather, it is […] Read more…

red chicken

Nine Ways Chickens Have Given My Life Balance

This post was first published on the UK Huffington Post site. Yes, I am delighted to say, I’m now a Huff Post blogger. If you’ve watched any of the Jurassic Park films it’s hard to believe that the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s closest living relative, the chicken, could be credited with restoring balance into my life. And, […] Read more…

baby chick

The Arrival of the Chicks

After the stench of the cloakroom when we got the ducklings we were reluctant to have anything small that required being in the warm for a few weeks. Knowing I wanted more chickens, we’ve lost a couple so far this year, I thought it might be rather lovely to have six-week-olds. Because they could go […] Read more…

Sarah Raven tulip

Yet more Outdoor colour

I’m being completely distracted by the outdoors at the moment. I’ve littered my Instagram and twitter feeds with photographs of the yellow fields, the blossom, flowers and the blue sky. It’s actually been rather refreshing, slinging my camera around my neck and squirming about on my tummy, commando style, looking for that perfect shot. It’s taken […] Read more…


Let’s Go Outside: The Morning Routine

As I step out the back door in the semi-darkness, taking in that first breath of a new day, I feel privileged, like I am part of a special world. Yes, even in the middle of winter. I walk out the back gate into the field, pausing as I check out the sunrise, then continue […] Read more…

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