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Feasting on Enid Blyton with Cherry Topped Iced Buns from Tales of Toyland

I feel incredibly nostalgic when I see this lilac, hardback edition of Enid Blyton’s Tales of Toyland. There’s a lovely picture of Tiptoe, the fairy doll and Jolly, the sailor doll, welcoming the toys into their home, one they made themselves out of toy bricks, for their first ever party. I just adored the world that […] Read more…


Am Baking: Chewy Meringue Recipe

I’m a huge fan of meringues.This is a fabulous recipe that creates billowy, chewy, moreish meringues (and I know they’re moreish as I’m having to restrain myself from having another). I’ve just served mine with some whipped cream and icing sugar with a dash of vanilla plus some fruit, for health, obviously. Ingredients 4 egg […] Read more…