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Ruth Reichl My Kitchen Year

Discovering Ruth Reichl

Every now and again you come across a writer that you just love. Everything about them: their stories, their writing, their depth and honesty. And then you have to purchase every book they’ve ever written and disappear for a while; marvelling over their words, immersing yourself in their tales. A few months ago just before […] Read more…

apple and cheese pie

Feasting on Enid Blyton: The Children of Cherry Tree Farm with Apple & Cheese Pie

The new Feasting on Enid Blyton series where I bake and cook myself through some of my favourite Enid Blyton novels. As a child I adored Enid Blyton books. By that I mean I was absolutely infatuated with them. They would captivate me, fire my imagination and would be responsible for much tiredness in the morning as […] Read more…